Wood working

Perception is a funny thing. We would swear we see clearly, but we don’t. It’s clear to everyone else that we are blind, but we make excuses, justify, make up stories, self-vindicate, blame others, and play the victim. “No, you don’t understand. I’m really ok. And, who are you to show me my planks?”

I like this cartoon. Yes, I know it’s about Jesus’ instruction to remove the plank out of one’s eye before removing the speck in another’s eye. But again, perception is a funny thing. We don’t see our planks. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit.

When he works like that, we often feel dumb. How can I have been so blind? Easy. We do it all the time. The brave soul is one who humbly seeks out his own planks first. Ask him to carve deeply.


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