(NOTE: My views here do not necessarily reflect those of Zion Church). I’m reaching a decision that is not earth shattering, but it affects me. On one hand, I really like using Facebook. With it, I’ve been able to maintain contact with friends and family. And, I’ve been able to restore contact with lost friends. I love seeing pictures of kids I coached & taught now living as adults. I appreciate hearing how to pray for someone. And I confess, I watch humorous animal videos. But, on the other hand. Facebook has changed. No, not the interface; the way people use it has changed. In short, I am just about done with venom. If someone disagrees, they are met with accusations and character assignations. Some are even accused of not being Christians because of a political view. So, for my own sanity, here’s what I’m doing.

If one of my Facebook friends consistently does the following, I will likely unfollow them. My friend, I’m just tired of it. And as you can read, most of these apply to fellow followers of Christ.

  • Challenging someone’s faith in Jesus over a political issue.
    • Let me be clear; I will go to the wall for this one. A soul’s acceptance into heaven will not be determined on one’s voting history or political views. There is actually a much higher standard. Sorry to break it to some, but there will be Trump and Hillary supporters in heaven.
    • Because someone disagrees with you politically does not mean they are failing as a Christian.   That is actually quite arrogant.
  • Chronic reposting of articles.
    • Yes, there is quite a bit of fake news out there.
    • And, there is ALWAYS more to a story. We need to do better at gathering as much of the facts as we can.
    • Frankly, my friend, I miss hearing about you, but I just see stuff from some blogger.
  • Challenging someone’s maturity in the faith
    • Yes, there are constructive ways to disagree. Spitting venom is not one of them.
    • Supporting a political point of view is not living out the Christian life. Displaying the fruits of the Spirit like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control transcend law and live out the Christian life.
    • And, the NT commands to love are given to individuals and churches and not nations. Many so called acts of love use other people’s money and time when given by a national program. And, some of public and private programs do more harm than good. So, where’s the love in that?
  • Looking to people as heroes or villains
    • Again, biblically, I will go to the wall for this one. Everyone is a sinner. No one is perfect. Only Jesus is the answer for our sin. It is only by his name people can be saved.
    • While people can do acts of evil or good, don’t put your trust in people. Don’t trust them to make cultural changes. Don’t blame them for cultural downfall. Culture can only change with individual heart change through Christ. Cultural rot occurs because of my sin and your sin. Laws and politics are only part of that. None of their deeds last.

Someone may claim that I just want sunshine and rainbows while burying my head in the sand. Well, I spend a ton of time (arguably too much time) staying informed. I am choosing to limit the venom. If it comes to never seeing Facebook again, I will survive…perhaps thrive. But, I will miss my friends.


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